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Discover which hormonal therapy is best suited to you, learn how to minimise your risk of blood clots and how to reduce pregnancy complications.

  • Understand which COCP will bring you the least risk.
  • Ensure the best development for your pregnancy with optimum folate levels.
  • Reduce the side effects and risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  • Learn your risk of developing blood clots so oestrogen supplementation can be altered.

This test informs your clinician's decision making by identifying the heritable cause of thrombosis and the risk of developing a thrombotic event.

The test is part of the full Heart DNA Test and will cover MTHFR, Factor 2 and Factor 5 genes. The reports will come with a specialist assessment regarding your risk profile and the next steps in your action plan. 

For more info about the test and what the reports will cover please visit our Woman Wellness test page