Fitness DNA Test

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Get your Right Fit.

It's not just in your Genes. It's also in your lifestyle and environment. Let our Fitness specialists drive you through a faster and safer route to your optimal YOU. By combining your genetic and lifestyle profiles, our specialists will create a precise exercise and diet programme uniquely tailored for you.

Start your journey now. Time is of the essence.


What does Fitness DNA test covers?

Diet and Nutrition

Understand how your body metabolises certain nutrients and what type of minerals or Vitmains it may require. Your Nutrigenetic profile will enable you to adjust your food intake in line with the way your body absorbs and converts these nutrients.

 Lactose Intolerance
 Fat and Glucose Metabolism
 Caffeine metabolism
 Alcohol response
 Folate (B9)
 Vitamin B12
 Vitamin D
 Vitamin A

Exercise Response

Get the knowledge and understanding of your specific genes and what impact they may have on your fitness output. In doing so, personal recommendations for adopting an alternative or new training regimen can be made to experience an efficient response to exercise and achieve improved fitness levels.

 Post-Workout Blood Pressure Response
 Post-Workout Cholesterol Response
 Muscle Power
 Muscle Endurance
 Muscle Growth, Repair and Recovery
 Achilles Tendinopathy

Body & Weight Management

Get personalised recommendations on how you can adopt alternative dietary options and routines to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.
This test will also enable you to understand the way your body converts sugar and how sensitive it is to calorie intake.

 Feeling Full
 Energy Metabolism
 Food Pleasure Response
 Binge Eating
Snacking Behaviour
Sugar Sensitivity
Proinsulin Conversion rate
Fasting Blood Glucose
Insulin Secretion
Insulin Sensitivity.


This test will look at your genetic profile along with your dietary information, training schedule and general lifestyle, and will give you an 8 weeks personalised training and dietary plans from one of our qualified Personal Trainers.