COVID 19 Test

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Testing

Peace of Mind Mail Order Testing

  • Simple and easy self-test
  • Mail order testing allows you to remain home
  • Peace of mind with no appointment required

With the symptoms of COVID-19 sometimes taking up to two weeks to show in infected patients, it is rapidly becoming vitally important for swift testing of individuals who believe that they may have come into contact with the virus. This is especially important for those who are within the immunocompromised risk groups.

With the national advice being to stay indoors if you are exhibiting any symptoms, there is currently no options to receive testing unless you are in the defined high risk groups having travelled from another country.

We offer a mail order service that allows you to receive the testing kit within the comfort of your own home. You can collect the throat swab yourself before sending on the sealed samples to our laboratory for analysis.

Rightangled ensures you are provided with either peace of mind or a clear course of action with no need to travel to an appointment and risk the spread of infection.


How it Works:

  1. Order your test. Enter your details in our online booking system. This will allow our team to send a testing kit to you the same day as your booking.
  2. Collect your sample. The provided swabs allow you to quickly and easily collect samples without any need to attend a clinical appointment.
  3. Send your sample to the lab. A prepaid envelope will allow you to post your sample to our laboratory with little effort.
  4. Receive your result.
    Turnaround Times
    Due to increasing demand on testing, we cannot guarantee the turnaround time of test results and customers must be aware that Rightangled Healthcare cannot be held liable for delays caused by the laboratory pressures.
    Our laboratory currently advises that results will be available within 2-3 working days and Rightangled Healthcare will make results available to you as soon as they are received.
    Please note that advised turnaround times are only accurate at the time of purchase and may change during the period of receiving and posting your sample.
    Live updates will continue to be published on this page regarding any reductions or increases to expected turnaround times.

Is it a legitimate test?

Quality and assurance are at the heart of every aspect of Rightangled Healthcare.
We are registered with the Care Quality Commission to enable us to provide Regulated Healthcare Activities including Diagnostics and Screening.
All the laboratories used by us are registered with various NEQAS schemes and accredited to ISO 9002 standards.
CQC and UKAS accreditations are maintained through passing regular inspections and maintaining continuous high standards.